Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The $75 Tub of Eczema Cream.

I grabbed him some clothes and a washcloth to wash his face. And the eczema cream because he is so broken out right now. I took all of it to the living room where he was watching some show and playing with stuffed animals. I wrangled him out of his old clothes and washed his face, applied cream. Set the cream by the radio and picked up the old clothes and washcloth and put them in the dirty clothes. And off we went! Fast forward hours later. Burger and I got done watching Mythbusters on Netflix and were going to get ready for bed. He set the remote on top of the radio and... BANG, CRASH, BOOM!!! Cream splattered all over the floor and some on the side of the couch. Whoa! I salvaged most of it and put it in a ziploc baggy but I'm not sure how long it will stay good because it says on the label to keep the lid closed tightly and store in a cool, dry place. So, if you have any home remedies to clearing eczema I would be delighted to hear them!

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