Monday, April 19, 2010


We went to the park last night and these are just a couple of my favorites! Emrick was totally in love with the swings this time. She's usually not a big fan, but last night she was really into it! So much fun, they made her so happy! Jacob wanted in on the fun so he was giving her pushes in the swing. He was having a blast with that and Burger and I got to just sit back and watch them have a great time together. I love watching my kids play together and enjoy each other.
Last week I went and have my eyes checked and my glasses prescription updated. I now have my new glasses and new sunglasses. I plan to post a before/after picture but I probably won't get that far. While I was at the eye doctor I asked about my kids' eyes because my eyes are hereditary. So I took Jacob in this morning and had his checked and they are good, healthy little boy eyes!
Jacob's entire face is covered in a rash. He gets really bad eczema quite often for a reason that is unclear. The doctor gave us new cream last time we went in for it but it has a light steroid in it so I wasn't sure if I could put it on his face or not. I called them today and they told me I could, sparingly. So they told me to try the cream first and if his face isn't cleared up in a few days to bring him to have it looked at. I feel so bad for this poor kid, he is almost always rashy and scratchy.
We signed up for a two week free trial of Netflix on Friday. Because we can use our PS3 to get movies directly we decided that it sounded interesting. We got our disc in the mail today. You have to put the disc in the PS3 before you can watch movies with the direct streaming. Burger also got the movie Men Who Stare at Goats. Burger is extremely excited to be trying out Netflix!
Emrick fell down outside of my parent's house on Saturday. She was bleeding like crazy, according to my mom. A busted lip and a scraped nose and cheek were the result. She is perfectly fine and normal and happy. But from what I gather, my mom had a bit of a panic when she fell!

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