Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jacob Rode an Elephant!

It's hard to see Jacob, but you can see Burger and Jacob is right in front of him. We went to the circus and the whole day before we went Jacob would not stop talking about riding on an elephant there. We weren't even sure they would have elephants to ride! Luckily they did. And he loved every minute of it and wanted to go again. After the show we got to throw peanuts to the elephant and watch him eat. Jacob wasn't very interested in the show but he was intrigued by the elephants!
It's a good thing Jacob had fun because I really dislike the circus. I think everything about them is creepy and too expensive! There was a mom and her seven year old daughter who did the acrobatic show. What kind of a mom would want her seven year old daughter to be a circus performer? And the young boys who did the dirt bike show in the 'ball of death.' I can't imagine ever encouraging my kids to do these sorts of things. Anyhow, none of my business how they raise their kids! In the end, I think the crowds favorite part of the show was the trained dogs. Everyone was excited and loud. Jacob was even on the edge of his seat watching the dogs jump through hoops!

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