Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All in a Weekend!

My mom watched the kids and we painted the living/dining room. Finally. And by 'we' I mean Steve and Laura, our neighbors. Well, Burger and I did a little work but most of the painting was actually done by Steve and Laura! Thanks guys! We hung new curtains and blinds and got a shelf thing to hold shoes. I meant to hang pictures yesterday but it never got done. So that is still on the list. Along with buying a new, nicer looking clock to hang. On Sunday Steve and Burger put a gate in our fence and Laura and I took the kids to Bed Bath and Beyond to find a corner shelf for the living room. We never found one. Those things are hard to find!

I have been feeling tired and a bit run down lately. Burger moved back to first shift yesterday and we are all waiting to get back into our regular routine. Staying up late and waking up early while he was on second shift really wore me out. Plus, Emrick is getting bigger and has started learning some fun new tricks. Like moving her little yellow chair to climb on it and reach things she's not supposed to have. And emptying out my purse until she finds my wallet. Then emptying that out completely, too!


Liz Monroe said...

Finally, got a chance to check out your blog, love it!

Put up pictures of the transformation! :)

mandydake said...

Run down? Tired? Baby Maybe??