Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to Train your Dragon

Grandma came to watch Emrick and I took Jacob to the movie. Just him and me. We don't do that kind of thing often enough. Spending some alone time with him really reminded me of what an awesome little person he is! He brought tears to my eyes when he showed true concern for characters in the movie. He really understood the story and was asking appropriate questions. In our day to day life I sometimes forget what my kids really are. Little miniature people with ideas and questions of their own. And if they're anything like Burger, I won't be able to answer most of those questions. (By the way, if anyone knows how the movie at the theater gets on the screen would you be willing to explain it to my son?) I feel so lucky that I am able to have these opportunities because my mom is almost always willing to watch one or both of my kids. And most of the time being able to do something just slightly out of the ordinary really helps brings things back into perspective. Jacob and I had a nice time and I hope that tonight is one of the memories that lasts him forever.

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mandydake said...

We do this a lot with Jason. He has been, just in the last few months, to Avatar, Alice, Dragon.. His dad and I swap with takeing him, depending on who wants to see what movie.. I didn't really care to see Dragon, but both of them were extatic about it. It's nice. Glad you two enjoyed yourselves, and each other.