Monday, May 3, 2010


This is a quick update. Jacob is fine and derashed. I took him to the doctor and they gave us yet another cream. This one is a hydro cortisone cream safe for faces and it had his cleared in just a few days. Thank goodness. But then over the weekend he went to a birthday party and my mom's house and started to get a little rashy again. Used the new cream and have him mostly clear again. Whew. I am always thinking that it shouldn't be this hard and that I shouldn't have to make these choices. Should I let him go to his Grandma's house because he loves it so much and has a great time but he always comes home and is covered in rashes the next day? Should I take him to the park to play for exercise and a good time even though he ends up rashy? I hate that I have to decide between letting him be a normal boy and having to fight with him for four days to put on extra cream extra times a day. But that's what I have to do.

Emrick is a feisty little fourteen month old girl. She was sick over the weekend. Woke up on Saturday with a fever and had been pulling at her ears for a few days so I took her into the doctor and got an antibiotic for ear infection. She was still sickly yesterday but this morning she woke up in a great mood and I thought all was well. But barely two hours after waking she grabbed her sippy and blanket and was asking for a nap. So to a nap she went, and there she remains 2.5 hours later.

Burger worked Saturday, which always hinders any cool weekend plans. So we stayed home all weekend and hung out. Grocery shopping and what not. Yesterday we had to buy a new vacuum because the old one stopped working. It hasn't been working right for some time now, but yesterday is completely stopped sucking anything up. The new vacuum works great and my rugs look cleaner than ever!

We have no big plans for this week. More of the same old stuff. Tonight Jacob has gymnastics and all I can think about right now is how much I would love a coffee treat from Sonic!

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