Saturday, May 8, 2010


Ah, good morning Saturday. Today Burger is at work and I got to sleep in because Jacob watched cartoons and Emrick slept late. It was really lovely. When we got up, we ate frozen waffles for breakfast and are hanging out the rest of the day until Burger returns. Our plan was to go to the zoo but then Burger found out yesterday that he was needed at work. I was really bummed at first but now that I see the cloudy, windy weather out there I don't mind so much. We'll go a different day.

Emrick is still on her antibiotics but clearly feeling much better. She is back to her normal self, mostly. And she found a marker the other day and decided to decorate our beige leather couch. I have no idea how to get it off and everything I've been suggested sounds really harsh. So I think I might just leave it and in a few years when they both know better than to color the couch, I will just buy a new one. The blue marks on the couch will be a nice reminder of her young toddler days, right?

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