Friday, May 14, 2010

Yesterday. Five Years

First of all, yesterday was my mom's 50th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We celebrated by having them buy us dinner at Pizza Ranch then coming back to our house for cake from ColdStone's. Both my brothers came and we all enjoyed a nice dinner together. I really hope she had a lovely birthday.

Also, Burger and I met exactly five years ago yesterday. I remember the night clearly, and it always gives me a chuckle to replay it in my head. I got off work at my job at Godfather's Pizza and my friend, Christina, dragged me to meet her boyfriend's friend called Burger. And when we got to the apartment, Burger's roomate let us in the door because Burger was busy at the computer. Wearing only his boxer shorts. Was our visit a surprise visit? Not at all. He just liked to hang out in his boxer shorts.

And ever since that very first meeting, we have been best friends. I love almost every moment of our lives. We are regular people, of course, and each have our 'off' moments. But there is no other person I would rather have my life with. Every May 13 I love remembering what a lucky person I am. I have a wonderful mom and a wonderful husband and we can all share the same day!

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