Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enjoying the Weather

We are. We have been to the park every day this week, I'm pretty sure. Even the day after Emrick was up all night gagging/puking. We slept on the couch together because she didn't feel well and Jacob joined us because he was lonely in his room. I made him sleep on the floor because our couch isn't big enough to sleep three. He didn't mind. Today we went to the school my mom works at and joined her class at recess. Jacob had the time of his life. And to make his day even better we went to visit my dad after stopping at Burger King to get Jacob a kid's meal. He wanted a Marmaduke toy. And Burger King rocks because you can get a cheese burger kid's meal at 9:30 A.M.

I am really excited about hot weather. I'm really excited for tank top sundresses for Emrick and plaid shorts for Jacob. I am most excited that both the kids are old enough to enjoy summertime activities this year. We are planning to go to a car show tomorrow night and to visit Burger's family on Monday. Today I bought sunscreen and bug spray at Wal-Mart and cost me over $20! But now I'm stocked up and ready. Bring on the summer!

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