Thursday, July 30, 2009


My newest baby is five months old. Yep, already. I have been putting off this post because, really, what can you say? She is no longer my grumpy lumpy kind of baby. She sits and plays with toys, reads manuals and puts together Ikea furniture. Stuff regular babies do. She gives me that look of sheer boredom if she's not being challenged or entertained enough to meet her standards. Which are pretty high. I mean, she is my kid... She is at that age where she gets more fun every day. Her newest trick is the removal of her socks. She thinks her bare toes are awsome. Who can blame her? They're pretty cute toes! So, for now we are just trying to enjoy the new emerging personality. Embrace her independence and hope for the best. It doesn't help the my other baby is going to be three years old next week. There is too much independence being had by my children right now. Both fun and scary for mom. I try not to think about it too much, I tend to get weepy.

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