Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Photo Review

Emrick and Jacob waiting for the fireworks to begin!

Emrick in her Fourth of July dress! It was freakishly cold outside which is the reason for the long sleeves and leggings. Still cute, though!

Jacob and Emrick ready for the Fourth. Jacob's Fourth of July outfit was shorts and a tank top so he didn't get to wear it, it was too cold!

Burger and Emrick. Taken July 2nd, but I think it's adorable so I had to share it!

Jacob and his new cow rain boots! They were on sale at Target and he loves them more than anything! He has hardly taken them off, unless I make him. I think it's a riot! I mean, what's cuter than a kid in rain boots? All in all, we enjoyed our Fourth of July. We were rather busy but we did get to go see the fireworks. I think the kids enjoyed themselves, and that's the important thing!

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