Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All on a Wednesday Morning

Yesterday evening we went to Carlos'O'Kelley's with my dad and had dinner. When we got home we had some surprise company that was very pleasant! If any of you read this, thanks for visiting and come again anytime! Today we are waiting for Megan to bring her little boy to play with us while she moves into her new apartment. Should be an entertaining day.

I woke up in kind of a grumpy mood. I was up twice last night with Emrick and she just wasn't tired last night. She wanted to play and be entertained. Sorry kid, not at one o'clock in the morning! Jacob made his way into our bed at five this morning. Not sure what's up with that. He's been doing that for the past couple weeks now. I usually make him go back to his own bed, but at five in the morning we only have forty-five more minutes to sleep so I just let him stay there. I'm a little groggy and my head hurts a bit. We'll see how this day plays out.

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