Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guess where we went!

If you guessed Chuck E. Cheese, then you would be absolutely correct! Jacob wanted this cup and I thought it was funny, so my mom bought it for him. Such a lucky boy! We ate pizza and cotton candy, played numerous games and picked prizes! How else would one choose to spend their Saturday evening?
We finished setting up the kid's room. Emrick's crib shall remain in our bedroom until further notice. The bunk bed is up and the dressers are full. Decorations on the walls. It's very simple and beautiful. I may or may not post pictures at some point. I also rearranged the living room and dining room a tad. It was a bit of work, but totally worth it! We got a new night stand next to our bed. Funny how little changes can make such a big difference!
We had Jacob's picture taken today. I have all sizes, just let me know what you need! No one contacted me about Emrick's pictures so I have taken to handing them out to strangers on the street. Not true, but it could be slightly entertaining. I am planning to get family pictures done soon. September at the latest. I kind of want Emrick to be able to sit up by herself for family pictures. She is getting really close! Close enough that she was buckled into the front of the cart at Target today and rode with no problem! I sit her on the floor with her Boppy pillow around her and she sits fine, until she decides to attack her feet or dig her heels into the rug and throw herself backwards. She is a very spontaneous kind of baby. Can you believe she will be five months old tomorrow? Wait for a post on that...

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