Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strike a Pose, Baby!

Emrick posing nicely for a picture with her new Hawkeyes T-shirt. I love her chubby chubby baby thighs and take every opportunity I get to show them off with mini skirts! I'm sure she'll appreciate it when she gets bigger. But really, what an adorable baby! Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Jacob. He just doesn't lend himself to photography very well.
We have been busy around here, but getting absolutely nothing done. That's pretty much the story of my life. I went through the kids' closet and cleaned out all the clothes that don't fit any more and put all of the clothes for them to grow into into neatly labeled storage totes. Dishes, laundry, and general house tidying has become overly consuming. The second it gets done, Jacob or Burger goes and undoes it. I am getting used to dealing with it.

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