Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yesterday was a very quiet and relaxing day. Emrick slept like crazy and only woke up to snarf down bottles of formula and bowls of baby rice cereal mixed with sweet potatoes from a Gerber baby jar. Perhaps tomorrow I will wake up to find a toddler girl in the crib with ripped clothes like The Hulk. She will probably be asking me to point her in the directions of the nearest Burger King so she can get her fry on...

Jacob loved the zoo and keeps saying that he's going back on a different day. Plans are in the making for a trip to the aquarium in the Mall of America. I was thinking this weekend but Burger was thinking next weekend so we would have a boring weekend in between our zoo and aquarium visits. Yes, he thinks about things like that, and is almost always the voice of reason in this house.

Today, so far, is relaxing and calm. I don't think it will stay that way for long, though. Right now Emrick is asleep in her swing and Jacob is watching a Thomas video. We are getting ready for his birthday party, which will be August 2 in the afternoon. Right now we are planning on having it at the park, but nothing is final yet besides the date. He still really wants a Thomas cake, so I'm sure that's what we'll have! I should go get some important mom things done before the kids decide to freak out, both at exactly the same time, I'm sure. We have a new consignment shop down the way from us and I have been thinking of going there for weeks but haven't made it yet. So, I was thinking that for today and most likely a trip to Hy-Vee. Did you know that you can buy Avent bottles for $5.49 at Hy-Vee still? At all the other stores that sell Avent they are priced $9.99 or above. What a rip off.

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