Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hard Times

The past couple days have been really rough in the Oldenburger home. Emrick has been grumpy grumpy grumpy and Jacob as hyper as ever. Fun times for mom! This morning was horrible so we went on a car ride and ended up at Grandma Hild's house with two sleeping children. We hung out there for the rest of the day and had an enjoyable time. On Tuesday we went and had Emrick's pictures taken and got a couple good shots even though she was the grumpiest baby ever. I think that studio took our name down and will ban us from ever bringing our children back! Oh well. I now have pictures of her to hand out, so just let me know what size you need! We have all sizes ready to go. Jacob's birthday is in about four weeks, so we are gearing up for his party. He wants a Thomas the Tank Engine cake. Again. I am trying to talk him into Cars, so we'll see what happens! Both kids are in bed now and Burger and I are enjoying some pina colodas then it's bed time for us. Hopefully tomorrow goes better than today. This weekend I am helping my friend Megan have a garage sale so the kids will be with Burger all day Saturday. Hope he has fun with that!

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