Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ok, so I'm a slacker kind of blogger. But you can't be mad at me because I have the two cutest kids in the universe and I let you see pictures of them, for free! Right here, right on this very blog that rarely gets updated! Tomorrow is Jacob's third birthday and there will probably be a post on that. And tears. We had his birthday party on Sunday and he loved it! He wants to have his birthday party again.

We are trying a new thing in this house called 'not so much junk food!' Yay! We tossed out the candy and fruit snacks to begin with and replaced them with sugar free applesauce cups and sugar free jello with fruit inside cups and yogurt in the fridge. I have limited myself to one caffeinated beverage per day. So far it's going alright. Jacob got tons and tons of candy for his birthday and I put it in a Tupperware on the top shelf of the cupboard. So if anyone wants it, I have to go get the step stool from Jacob's bed room and climb up there to get the candy. So far, it hasn't been touched. We have been eating leftover Thomas cake from his party, but who could let that go to waste?

In other news, Emrick is big. She sits up alone. She eats bagels and drinks out of sippy cups. I bought those star puffy things from Wal-Mart last night to give her. We haven't tried them with her yet, but Jacob likes them! We're waiting for teeth. And can someone explain to me why this baby can hold and drink out of her sippy cup but cannot hold and drink out of her own bottle?

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mandydake said...

OMG, One Caffiene drink? Can you survive? I drink a whole pot a day, black.