Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Friday!!

The car got cleaned out today. And Jacob's car seat cover got washed. I vacuumed the car and dusted it and washed the floor mats. The car looks brand new even though it's ten years old! It took me two hours to clean it all while Emrick slept and Jacob watched the TV.

Yesterday at the doctor, Emrick weighed in at 17lbs. 8oz! My big girl! She got some Desonide Lotion for her face and some Nystatin for her girl parts. Under her neck, the doctor said is a yeast rash and is due to being wet and dark constantly. She said to use cornstarch if I wanted and just try my best to keep it as dry as I can under there! Right, have you seen this girls chins? Jacob and Emrick behaved themselves the whole visit. I was so happy and proud.

Today we went to the mall and checked out Old Navy. Then went to play in the play area. Again, both kids were very well behaved. Obviously. Could we expect anything less from my perfect children? Of course not. We got cheeseburgers and Sprite from McDonald's on the way home. Jacob spilled half of his Sprite into his car seat which is what actually sparked the car cleaning frenzy today. Burger ditched us for the night so I am trying to figure out dinner plans now. Any good ideas?

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