Monday, August 24, 2009

Ready for the Week?

Not so much. But it's too late. It's here whether I want it or not. Today is all about laundry and groceries. Sounds fun, huh? We are updating a bit in the kitchen. Painted the cupboards yesterday and put some curtains in place of the cupboard doors. Sounds silly, but it looks OK. I'm still getting used to it. Jacob drew me some pictures that I am framing and hanging in there. When everything gets a bit more 'done' I will try to post pictures. Then I can get your opinions! I'm not sure I love the new look, but it will do...

On Wednesday my baby Emrick will be half a year old! I think I might bake cupcakes or something. We'll sing and have Jacob blow out the candle. I don't know. Surviving six whole months in this family seems like a big accomplishment to me! I also would like to share with all of you that every time I spell check, every single time, the only thing that comes up highlighted is Emrick's name.

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