Friday, August 21, 2009

Teeth, you say?

I bought Emrick some teething biscuits the other day and she loves them! I think these slobbery pictures are hilarious and thought maybe you guys would, too! And, yes, her eyes are always that large.
Emrick is sleeping right now, she has been wiped the past couple days. Apparently growing teeth is hard work. Jacob is on the sofa watching cartoons. Very wholesome. So I am enjoying a few moments of quiet to myself. I am also washing all the new shirts my mom brought back from Florida. She got so many, it was almost a full load of just new shirts! When Emrick wakes up we are headed to Target for diapers and probably to Hair Biz to get Jacob's crazy hairs cut.
On a totally different note, we have started talking about Halloween costumes and as it turns out, Burger and I don't get a say in Jacob's choice. Well, we will be buying the costume so I guess we have the final say. But, if he doesn't get to pick then he won't wear it and all that money would have been spent for nothing. And he says he wants to be James, from Thomas and Friends. It turns out that they DO sell a James costume. But them he wants to be McQueen. No wait, Curious George. No, no, he wants to be Tigger or Elmo or whatever else he can come up with in that three year old head of his. So I think we are all settling for Thomas because they are readily available at the local Wal-Mart and fairly easy. Thomas will satisfy everyone. So, to match, I want to dress Emrick as a baby train engineer. Cute, huh? But I need a pair of striped baby overalls. And it seems I cannot find any online... Odd. So, if you know where I can get a pair of striped baby overalls please let me know. Thanks, in advance!

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