Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tubby Time!

Emrick in the tub. She sits up well enough that we can just put some water in the big tub and toss her in. Well, we don't actually toss her... But you get the point. So big! We had a nice semi-relaxing weekend. Went to the Bremer County Fair on Saturday night. Jacob got to ride some rides and play some games. Won a little stuffed Nemo fish. Very cool. So cool, in fact, that it's still in my car because that's where he left it when we came home from the fair. Pretty chill week coming up. I should be going back to work at the YMCA any day now. That should help the kids and I get a better schedule going. I am getting ready to paint the kitchen cupboards any day now. They are painted light blue right now, but the guy who lived here before us painted them with funny paint that totally just washes off every time I wipe them. So I am repainting them a darker blue and we got all new hardware to make them look a bit nicer. Hopefully. So, what do you have planned for your week?

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