Friday, January 2, 2009

Thank You 2008

Everyone has to write the ceremonious good bye to the year that just passed and a review of the big things that happened. I would hate for myself to be left out of the crowd. So here it is, in 2008:
-We bought our first house together
-Decided to and quickly succeeded in conceiving another spawn, which they say is a girl child
-Carried said child in my uterus for over half the year, including the entire summer months
-Watched Jacob learn to talk with haste and precision
-Met new friends at the public library Story Time
-Watched Burger put new flooring in our new dining/living room, in our first house
-Taught Jacob how to sleep in a bed instead of a crib
-Taught Jacob how to use the toilet (though he still chooses not to most of the time)
-Started to dip my hands in scrap booking
-Took about a million beautiful photos of our boy child
-Told Burger and Jacob how much I love them an uncountable amount of times
-Spied on Jacob while he played Thomas the Trains just so I could watch his imagination at work

In 2009 I plan to:
-Continue living in our first house together
-Watch my dad and husband install a new water heater in our first house (Thanks Mom and Dad!)
-Give birth to girl spawn and hold her close to me
-Teach Jacob how to wear underwear instead of baby diapers
-Share my children with my parents and watch the joy
-Continue falling more in love with Burger every day
-Continue falling more in love with my kids every day

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