Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fun!

Well, all in good humor. I was on my pal Mandy Dake's blog and she posted a picture of herself to share with all her blog friends so I thought it would be entertaining to share a photo of myself today. I am thirty-five weeks pregnant and totally ready to be done. We had a bit of a blood pressure scare yesterday but it corrected itself with some rest and a few bottles of water. All is well today. Blood pressure is slightly higher than it probably should be, but not scary high, so we'll take it. I am a gigantic massive pregnant lady and having sciatic nerve pain, which basically means that my left butt cheek hurts like hell and it's hard to walk like a regular person. Tylenol works wonders, though, so we're all good. Wednesday was my last day at work, thank goodness! So yesterday we just bummed around and didn't get anything done! Today has been slightly more progressive. I have done three or four loads of laundry and I went to the mall because Old Navy had fifty percent off clearance prices. I bought Emrick the cutest cute outfit for next winter and a stuffed pink hippo. Jacob claimed the pink hippo, but I paid a dollar for it, so who can complain? I also bought myself a pair of flip-flops, trying to get excited for spring. It's just around the corner, right? Time to start thinking Crocs and sandals. I tend to rush these things, though. Oh, well. I'm off to wash more clothes and eat.


mandydake said...

Looking soooooo beautiful and plump. Hugs, M

Shannon said...

I was just talking about you today and how EXCITED I am!!!! I am sending good blood pressure vibes your way and keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't go up!! I don't want you to have to go through that scary BP stuff! If you can't tell how excited I am, just look that I can't quit using exclamation points!! My Mandi is having my Emrick soon!!! YAY! (I am quite hyper now as well) You have gotten so much bigger since I last saw you and you look great! Hope to see you and the newest member of the family soon! Give Jake hugs for me!