Sunday, February 1, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday Fun

Not really. No one in my family really even understands football. Burger wanted to see the commercials with his 3D glasses, but we ended up being at my parent's house. Our glasses were at home. Bummer. We were both actually kind of disappointed. I've never seen anything in 3D before so tomorrow night we are going to watch Chuck with our glasses, just for me. My husband's the best! Yesterday we went to the consignment shop and they had videos for $.70 each so of we bought a few. We watched movies last night and ate popcorn and made bracelets with pony beads and pipe cleaners. Jacob loved it, as usual. And, as I was typing that I forgot the word for pipe cleaner and had to ask Burger what that stuff was called again. The best part, I do that kind of thing so often and he is so used to it! He just answered the question and didn't even bat an eye. Like it's totally normal for someone to forget what pipe cleaner is called. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have Alzheimer's when I'm forty years old. Hopefully Burger will be unaffected and can take care of me for the rest of my life. Oh, the future we have to look forward to together! Maybe I should keep these plans secret from Burger, that way when it happens, he's just blindsided and doesn't really have an option! See these tangents? No good for a blog! People are going to read and be so confused because they are not sure how all these random thoughts fit together. Well, people, they don't. This is what you get for reading a 9 month pregnant lady's blog. Completely incoherent thoughts all strung together. With cute pictures at the top. And this. I hope you enjoy.

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