Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today we made pink cupcakes to celebrate Valentine's Day. Yesterday Jacob and I surprised Burger with a balloon and a card that Jacob painted! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Jacob painted at his friend Wyatt's house on Monday afternoon.

The boys like to play hide and seek and make me find them. I found them under Jacob's bed this time! We had quite the week last week. The full moon on Monday night really gave us some luck. On Monday my washing machine wasn't working right. It keeps getting stuck on the rinse cycle. It's still doing it, I'm just getting used to it. Every third load or so it gets stuck on rinse. Tuesday my mom's car broke down on her way to school so Jacob and I went, mostly for moral support. I also had a doctor appointment on Tuesday and was hooked up to the machine for a non-stress test. Emrick hadn't been moving a whole lot so they thought we should just check it out. Everything is fine! Burger had his dentist appointment on Tuesday, too, and we found that he has four wisdom teeth in there that need to be removed. He also needs another cleaning and a filling in one of his teeth. He has three more appointments in the beginning of March. We should have fun paying for all this. On Wednesday I was doing laundry, trying to deal with the washing machine when my dryer decided to make a terrible sound and stop working. Burger came home from work and discovered that the belt had snapped. Easy fix, right? Not so much when your dryer is so old that they no longer make parts for it. Yesterday we woke up to a freezing cold house. The pilot light had blown out in the middle of the night so Burger relit it and left for work. No problem. Until the pilot light went out again and I don't know how to light it. So Jacob and I spent the day at my mom's house because my house was COLD! When my dad got off work he came over and lit the pilot light. Then when Burger got home, him and my dad fixed the dryer together. Happy times. Today we went to the home show and dreamed about how fun, and expensive, it would be to fix out house up. We went to Target and came home and have been catching up laundry and relaxing. We are waiting on Emrick. I am getting extremely impatient, so she had better hurry up!

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