Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Bliss

Besides the fact that Burger had to work this morning, today is the perfect Saturday. So far, that is. The weather is beautiful and I think we will see if Jacob's snow boots fit any more and let him run around in the mud some time today. Right now Jacob and I are eating cereal and watching cartoons. Yesterday was busy busy. I bought my new bag and a set of headbands for Emrick's bald baby head. We walked around the mall all day and stopped to enjoy a coffee from The Buck's. Today will probably just be a lazy lazy day. I need to get some house work done, but I'm not rushing anything! Also, I have been asking people for their thoughts on when this girl child will be born and her size. Actual due date is March 5, 2009 and she has been measuring right on track. So, if you feel like guessing, go ahead and post your thoughts in my comments section. I don't have anything to send you if you win, this is just for fun!

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Shannon said...

I think Miss Emrick will be born February 20th and will 7lbs 8.4 oz and 20 inches long. Just a total guess with no rhyme or reason! LOL I hope we can come up soon! We are kinda waiting for Emrick to come so we can meet her but I might just have to come up sooner! LOL I miss you all!