Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today is a lovely day. For many different reasons. For starters, Burger is home from school. That means a lot to Jacob and me and also Burger! My dad came over to help Burger put our new water heater in which is really exciting! I think my dad is doing most of the work, but hopefully Burger is learning! My parents got us the water heater as our Christmas present and we are so grateful! We are all tired of taking lukewarm baths. Jacob has been helping the men work on the water heater and learned what channel locks are. Also this morning we learned that Jacob can open his own package of Lightening McQueen fruit snacks and pour his own juice into his own sippy cup without spilling and get the lids on the cup and juice container tightly. Good news, huh? We had absolutely no indication that he was up to these things. Then, out of no where, he shows up with fruit snacks and a sippy of juice. He doesn't even drink out of sippy cups anymore but they are kept on the bottom shelf. All the other cups are kept up higher and so I'm assuming that he thought about it, but knew he couldn't reach, so opted for the sippy instead because he was just that thirsty. He didn't even tell us he wanted a drink, he just got his own. Now that's what you call taking initiative. Good thing we're close to popping out another one or I might be kind of sad about his new found independence.

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