Thursday, January 8, 2009

Forgotten News

After reading my comment from Shannon on my last post I realized that I never did mention anything about my appointment the other day. It went fine. The hospital is building a new wing so there is a ton of construction going on right near the OB/Gyn part of the hospital. Parking is hard to find and I had to park about a mile away, seriously, and walk all the way around the building to get in. In the freezing cold while dragging Jacob behind me. Jacob is always very well behaved at my appointments, he loves it when they listen to Emrick's heart beat! Everything is looking good, measuring fine. My blood pressure is fine, but she did request that I check it at home at least once a week. It was about week 34 when I started having problems with Jacob, so I still have about two or three weeks before I start to get really worried about it. I brought my swing home from work today and Jacob was really excited about that! Things are starting to come together. We need to get the bassinet out of my parent's attic and wash that up. Clothes are washed and most large equipment is now at our disposal. In other news, Burger is doing very well in school. He had a test today and got 100%. I am ready for him to be home and so is Jacob. Also, I am in love with gummi SweetTarts.

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