Monday, December 15, 2008

Serious Post Ahead:

We got Jacob's new car seat on Saturday! He was really excited to use it and he loves the cup holder! It's the Graco Nautilus from Target. I just want to take this time (precious blog space, I know!) to talk a little bit about car seats and car seat safety! Jacob is creeping up on 40 pounds which was the weight limit on his old car seat. From there kids usually get a booster seat that uses the cars regular seat belt, but Burger and I felt that he is much too young for a booster seat. So, the search began for a car seat that would hold him in a five-point harness for longer than 40 pounds. There are few out there, but that fact is changing quickly as more and more people are choosing to practice extended rear-facing and five-point harnessing! Most are spendy Britax brand car seats but Graco came out with the Nautilus last spring. Just in time! I have also heard good things about Sunshine Kids brand car seats. But, you should always read the instruction manuals that come with your car seats to see what the safety limits on it are. Generally infant carrier seats hold up to 22 pounds and 29 inches. They are rear facing only. Convertible car seats will go rear facing usually up to 35 pounds and forward facing up to 40 pounds. Remember to keep your child rear facing until they are at least 12 months old AND weigh at least 20 pounds! When the top of your child's ear is parallel with the top of the seat that means the child is too tall to fit in that car seat and it's time to buy a bigger one! The car seat we just bought has an extending headrest that you can move up and down according to your child's height! Very cool! When Jacob reaches 65 pounds (the limit on the five point harness) or when we decide he's ready to ride in a booster instead of a five point harness all we have to do is take the straps out of the seat and we have ourselves a high back booster! The booster part of the seat holds up to 100 pounds so this is the last car seat or booster we should have to buy Jacob! When Emrick grows out of her carrier infant seat we have a The First Years brand True Fit convertible car seat picked out! It will hold her rear facing up to 35 pounds and forward facing in a five point harness until 65 pounds if we choose to keep her in a five point harness that long! Then we will have to buy her a booster seat, but that's so many years away that I'm not really concerned about it right now! Go out and check your child's car seat right now! Also, car seats now have expiration dates on them to ensure their safety. So, be sure to check that also! If you don't use the LATCH system for your seats (LATCH is only rated to hold car seats holding up to 48 pounds) be sure that the seat belt is tight and the seat can't wiggle more than an inch at the base. Remember, a car seat does little good if it's not buckled into the car properly. I know, I am a car seat Nazi but a child's safety is priceless. Sorry this post was long and boring, but hopefully everyone learned a little something!

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Ada said...

Excellent post.!! Jacob is looking pretty cute on this new car seat.