Friday, December 19, 2008

At the Point

There is a point in every woman's pregnancy where she is no longer held accountable for her moods. No matter how easy the pregnancy has been, there comes a time when your 60 year old co-worker asks what you think of her Madonna-esque gold sparkly leg warmers that you just don't care to be nice any more. This point comes especially early for me, I think, since I tend to be a bit judgemental to begin with. Most people who know me at all, know that if they ask my opinion they will receive just that. Most people learn quickly not to ask unless they really care to know. I have issues with people doing things when they are old enough to know better. People who never use their turning signals while driving, people talking on their cell phones during meetings (or movies or family gatherings or anytime really. I don't really like cell phones) people who take their kids to day care on their day off. The list could go on for days. Stupidity seems to be the norm these days and that drives me crazy. I swear people are just getting less and less smart. What kind of world is this going to be when my kids are big enough to have kids? The thought terrifies me. I think the problem is people no longer feel like they have to own their actions. Nothing is ever our own fault, it's always some one else's. The guy on TV, the guy on the radio, the other kids your kid goes to school with, your parents, who ever is close enough to point at really. I am judgemental. This is just one of the many qualities I posses and the one that probably escalates to out-of-control proportions when I am eight months pregnant. Get used to it. Maybe if you weren't so stupid, I wouldn't have to be so judgemental. Also, it runs in my family... My dad is like this all the time.

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