Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rainy Day

Today is rainy and yucky. We had to wear sweatshirts and pants because it is chilly. Iowa weather kind of sucks. When we came home from work, these little guys were swimming in the puddles behind our garage. We live in the middle of town, and I'm not sure where they came from! I hope they can make it home safely. Aren't ducks supposed to be a sign of good luck? I'm just kidding, I totally made that up! But it sounds good to me! The picture is hard to see because I couldn't get too close to them. They kept moving away! Anyhow, we changed the oil in my car last night, but didn't have time to watch the movie. So that's in the plans again for tonight! Tomorrow is Friday (duh) and My Waterloo Days started today. Too bad it's rainy. On Saturday morning is the parade and I am really looking forward to it! Jacob loved the parades last summer and I think he might understand it a little more this year. Hope everyone is enjoying their day! Later I will post some pictures of Jacob eating lasagna. They are totally adorable! Good day!

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