Thursday, February 18, 2010

You want to hear about it?

You sure? Because mostly it's boring... Alright, I guess I'll tell you anyhow.

We have been so busy doing absolutely nothing lately. I cannot account for all of my time. I feel like I've been running marathons. Over the weekend Burger bought a new TV and we bought a bunk bed for the kids. We won't have them set one on top of the other for a long while. But they are the wooden kind that can be used as two separate beds. So we set Jacob's up and put Emrick's in the basement until she's ready for a bed. I cannot wait until she's ready for a bed! That means I get to buy cutesy girly girl bedding and that truly sounds like the most fun thing in the world.

Jacob seriously had the world's most dry skin. We use Eucerin Calming Creme all over his body and that helps tons, but his scalp has been so dry lately! And I had no idea what to do about it. The other day I noticed he was scratching it so much he was almost bleeding so I went and bought gel baby oil and coated his head last night before bed. It looks much better this morning and I am hoping that's all it takes. A couple nights a week of baby oil to make it all better. Hopefully when summer comes he won't be so dried out. I am not holding my breath. He has been doing really well with the no dairy thing. In fact, we had lasagna the other night and I didn't even think about it having cheese in it. The next morning when he woke all around his mouth was broken out in a rash. I don't know if it was the cheese or the tomato sauce. My poor son has some serious skin issues.

Emrick is going to be a year old next Friday! Her party is this Sunday at McDonald's in Waverly. We ordered her cake last weekend. Burger picked it out and is really excited about it. He loves to spoil that girl baby rotten. It seems to work out for us, though, because I love to spoil Jacob rotten. Not that we both don't spoil both of the kids... I think our kids are the most spoiled rotten kids ever! Anyhow, I can't believe Emrick is going to be a year old. Time went so fast!

Tonight we are going to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate some birthdays with some friends. Really excited to spend some time having some fun with the kids. Hopefully Emrick doesn't get too grumpy from it being so loud in there!

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