Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We had Emrick's birthday party last Sunday and she had a good time. Enjoyed opening presents an especially enjoyed eating her cake! Her real birthday is this Friday and we will probably go out to dinner or something to celebrate as a family. Who knows.

We are currently working in signing Jacob up for pre-k in the Waterloo school district. They called yesterday to let me know who to call to set up a time for his developmental screening to find which class he will be placed in. He is so excited to go to school! I keep telling him he will be going after his birthday, when he turn four in August. Today he asked if he would have to have shots at his doctor appointment before he goes to school and I told him that he most likely would. He was kind of nervous but then decided he would do it if that's what he has to do to go to school.

Emrick had her twelve month doctor check up yesterday. She weighs 22 pounds and 13 ounces which is the 75th percentile. Her height is 30 inches which is the 80th percentile. She drinks milk now instead of formula but is still holding strong to her bottles. She has no desire to drink from sippy cups and that is OK by me. But it drives my mom nuts! Emrick can walk perfectly and I bought her a pair of shoes that have squeakers in the soles so they squeak every time she steps down. So cute! She loved them the second she put them on. The squeakers come out so when I'm tired of listening to her walk around she can still use the shoes!

Burger will be gone at school next week. Which is always such a bummer for me, but I deal with it. We are starting to look at mini vans to buy. Burger has his heart set on a Chrysler but I could really care less. I want something used with really low miles that still looks new, or at least not too tore up. Should prove to be an interesting search.

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mandydake said...

You can get a brand new Dode Caravan for $20-25! New Chryslers are about $30-35! I used to love my town and country! If you guys go to the dealer in Cedar Falls, let me know and we can do the refer a friend and each get $100!