Friday, February 26, 2010

Emrick's First Birthday!

Emrick on her first birthday, eating a birthday breakfast donut! She loved it, but don't worry, I fed her blueberries, too. We took Oreo cookies to work to share with her friends and she wore a fancy birthday dress and a pretty in her hair! But then her bottle leaked all over and I had to change her and the only extras I had were footie pajamas. Oh well, she looks like a princess no matter what she wears! We had to stay at work a little late and didn't get home until noon. Fed the kids some lunch and put them in their beds for a nap and they are still in there being loud and crazy forty-five minutes later. Awsome.

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mandydake said...

We have those cups too! So much better than the original, that the kids always popped the tops off.