Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday Yet?

Almost there. We're almost to the weekend. I can't wait. Emrick has an ear infection. I took her in yesterday because she is suffering an awful cough. I wanted to make sure it was just a cold, but it's not. She is on antibiotic and will hopefully be feeling better soon!

Burger's car was fixed quickly. It ended up being just a loose battery cable. So funny, made me so happy it wasn't going to be something pricey to fix! And now we know for next time, if ever his car has a problem again, to check the battery cables first. Huge sigh of relief.

Jacob is going to the dentist today. It's his first time going. Our dentist doesn't see kids until they are three years old and since his birthday I have just been slacking. I don't especially love the dentist. I know he needs to go, and I know how important it is the he gets used to it and goes on a regular basis. I just feel kind of sad because once you start you can never stop. It's a whole new part of his life, the dentist-going era begins! So I really want his first time to go smoothly and I want him to love it! I don't know what the odds are of that happening, but would you all mind crossing your fingers for good luck just to help me out a tiny bit?

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