Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Wow

We are having a really rough day around here today. Yesterday was rough, too. And so was Sunday. Jacob seems to be having some issues, but don't worry, we will figure them out! Right now he is playing his Leapster and being a perfect angel.

I went to Younkers to find 70% off the already clearanced prices! Yay! So I bought Emrick three packs of leggings that come two in each package. Three black pairs and three light pink pairs. The light pink will each probably be ruined after the first wearing since the knees will get so dirty. But the black pairs she will probably be able to wear into the summer as capris! I love good deals.

Burger's car stopping running while he was driving to work today. So I had to rush out of bed and get the kids up and take him the rest of the way to work. My dad and Burger will look at it tonight when they get off work. Hopefully it's nothing big. But, since we were up so early we decided to visit my mom before work! It was nice to surprise her with an early morning visit. And Jacob and Emrick got to eat oatmeal at Grandma's house for breakfast!

Both of the kids have little colds. Emrick's is much worse than Jacob's. She has the nastiest cough, but only at night time. It doesn't seem to wake her up or anything, but it really sounds awful. I have been pondering a doctor visit...

It's only Tuesday and I can't wait for the weekend to be here.

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