Monday, February 8, 2010

OK, so I kind of forgot that I have a blog here. But, luckily, I didn't forget for long! And I think the cute picture of the kids makes up for it. They were both wearing jammies with feet and looked so cuddly and cozy I had to have a picture of it!
Jacob's dentist appointment went well. No cavities! He did really well, he wasn't shy or scared at all. They gave him a look and find book to read while waiting his turn then to take home. He was most excited about the Diego toothbrush they gave him and the Spongebob toothpaste. He was overly excited. Like one would have thought we don't have any of those at home for him. But the reality of it is we have about 5-6 toothbrushes for him and Spongebob and Thomas toothpaste. Silly boy. I think maybe he has an infatuation with toothpaste.
Emrick is starting to feel a little better since being put on antibiotics. She is a pro walker and has been less tipsy so I am thinking the ear infection is clearing up. Thank goodness. Her and Jacob both still have coughs, but I think that's normal for kids to cough sometimes...

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