Friday, June 12, 2009


A cute baby to make this post not-so-bad!

TGIF? Hahaha! Not today. Burger is working late. He is also working a full ten hour day tomorrow and a full eight hour day on Sunday. No weekend for us. I will be welcoming the massive paycheck next weekend, but this weekend I'm bummed. And a little bit lonely.

In other news, I put Emrick in a big car seat instead of her carrier car seat today. She is now buckled into Jacob's old Graco Comfort Sport when ever we decide to leave the house. This could get interesting people, you don't know!

And on that note, I was thinking the other day that all I talk about is my kiddos and what we did today and same-old same-old. I was trying to think of an interesting topic to talk about on here and it dawned on me that I don't have anything else to talk about. I am my kids, all the time. I am Mom. I am Wife. I don't go to coffee bars and talk politics. I don't go to clubs and talk music/celebrities. I have absolutely nothing to talk about. I have no other experiences to build conversation from. Boo-hoo, tears and what not. But, seriously, a person called my house the other day taking a poll for some Iowa government thing. Like maybe we will be electing a new governor soon? I don't know, couldn't tell ya. The only reason I answered is because the number kept calling and calling like five times a day for days in a row. The point of the story is, I only knew one name out of the five or six she asked my opinion on. And the only reason I even knew the one name is because he is the governor of Iowa. I am so out of the politic loop that I can't even see the mirage in the desert. Does that even make any sense? Probably not.

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