Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Day

Well, we made it to Thursday. With a microwave that won't heat things and a car whose ABS won't shut off. All in all, not too terrible. Today is rainy and stormy so we are most likely just going to stay home and hang out. Also not too keen on driving my car with the brakes they way they are until someone can figure something out! So, home it is. We all need a break today, anyhow.

Emrick loves her new walker and also still loves her blanky. She watches the television and gets really into it. Her favorite show is Thomas the Tank Engine, Jacob enjoys that. Since we have hard flooring she scoots herself around like a pro! I went through all her clothes yesterday and got out the ones that are too small or out of season. Know anyone who needs girl clothes? I think I have enough to dress an army if infant girls.

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