Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're OK

Today is going well. The kids and I went to Toys'R'Us to buy seat protectors for the leather seats in the van. I don't want any permanent damage from car seats! Then I decided that since I have to unbuckle the seats to place the protectors I might as well bring the seats in and wash the covers. Not such an awful chore unless you own the Graco Nautilus like we do. Since the seat works with a five point harness and as a high back booster and finally as a no back booster there are three separate parts to the seat cover. And when I take them off and wash them then I forget how they go back on there! Emrick's seat, on the other hand, is a piece of pie. I love her seat, besides the fact that the buckles get twisted rather easily. Oh, and the knobs to adjust the straps digs into the seat on the car something fierce. She is still rear facing and will remain that way until she's at least 2 years old or, if she will let me, until she is 35 pounds. That is actually the whole reason we bought seat protectors. Because of her seat. Anyhow, at Toys'R'Us all the Take Along Thomas trains are 40% off right now so Jacob got to pick one out. He was really excited. Then when we paid I found out that the seat protectors were also on sale. Nothing amazing, but $3 off each. So it was kind of a fun trip to the toy store today! Emrick has no new blisters today, which is exciting. And I am hoping she is almost done with this hand foot and mouth thing. Jacob hasn't had any blisters show up so I am also hoping that he is not going to break out. Tomorrow is Friday and that's always fun. I am looking forward to the weekend and thinking healthy, happy thoughts!

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