Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thomas Live

Jacob, in front of a Thomas sign.

Jacob, before the show, wearing Grandpa's boots!

Emrick and Jacob, ready to go. Jacob picked out his own clothes and even put the pants on by himself before clearing the outfit with me. I'm thinking he knew I'd say no, and figured that if he was already wearing them I wouldn't be able to do anything about it... I let it go. He actually looks cute to see a Thomas Live show.

And, of course, a solo of Emrick. Aunt Pam sent the cutie outfit from California. Thanks, Aunt Pam! Emrick actually rather enjoyed the Thomas show, when it wasn't too loud. She strained her neck to see and my mom had to adjust her so she could watch comfortably. What a funny baby! All in all, we all rather enjoyed ourselves. Jacob was really into the show. He seems to really enjoy live shows. I will probably post more pics tomorrow. These were the majority of my favorites. But right now, it's time for bed for me! Both the kids came home and went right to bed, they were wiped!

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