Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Eggs With Jacob

We dyed Easter eggs today and had a pretty good time. No one got dyed blue or any other color that people aren't supposed to be, so all in all, it turned out the way I was hoping! We got a glitter egg dying kit but it only had enough glitter to do about four eggs. Bummer, but the rest of them are colored at least! Jacob had fun and Burger had fun (kind of) and I had to feed Emrick so I missed the whole thing. Except to get these few pictures. Later the plan is to go to the mall and meet the Easter Bunny. We met him the other day and Jacob was really nervous about it. So we have been talking about it and how I want him to stand by the bunny long enough to get some pictures taken. Jacob's third Easter and Emrick's first. These things must be photographed so we can remember them clearly. Wish us luck and have a great day!

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