Monday, April 13, 2009


It dawned on me over the weekend that I will probably not ever have any more Baby's First Easter shirts/bibs/stuffed bunnies to buy. Before this weekend, it had never occurred to me that this will most likely be the last tiny perfect infant creation molded after myself and Burger. No more "home from the hospital" outfits to buy, no more choosing bottles or pacifiers. I know that Emrick is still a tiny princess, but she won't be for long. Today I packed away another whole grocery sack of sleepers and onesies that she has outgrown and have been holding my tears in since then. I have no idea why this never came to me while I as pregnant, or any time before now, really. Emrick is almost two whole months old, and it never crossed my mind that she will never again be as young as she is today. I want to stop time right in it's tracks and rewind. I want to go back and do her whole entire life over again so I can make sure I'm paying close close attention and remembering/writing down/blogging all the incredible and important moments of her very existence. I don't want to forget one single smile, coo, or baby dinosaur noise this child makes. The picture above is of her in the crib for the very first time. She was smiling and talking to the animals on the bumpers! It was amazing to see her little face light up when she saw Mr.Turtle looking right at her! She is so perfect and amazing and brilliant. I am so scared of the day when she's not all mine. Of the day when she goes to preschool and leaves me standing in the dust. We are so close to this moment with Jacob. The moment he realizes that Mommy and Daddy aren't the coolest most amazingly fun people in the whole world. It stings to think that someday, both of my babies are going to think I'm the lamest person ever. I feel the need to photograph every single second of their tiny perfect little lives. You'll have to excuse me now while I go sob over a grocery sack of tiny clothes and then buy a lifetime supply of camera batteries.


Shannon said...

I had a similar experience. I am not Alex's favorite person anymore. A couple weeks ago he said "Ann is the best person in the whole world." I am second. LOL Ann is his counselor by the way. It stings but I am happy knowing he likes his counselor so much. They grow up too fast!

Anonymous said...

Just think though mandi when they start thinking you guys are lame is about the time that uncle jeremy is the coolest person on the face of the planet!! And that will probably never change from that point on....sorry lol