Sunday, April 26, 2009

She is a Girl Baby...

All glass bottles are created equal, right? Not so, according to my finicky little Emrick. I saw the Munchkin bottles (the top picture) online when I was pregnant and decided that those were the ones I wanted! They look really cool and are just plain and simple. No picture designs to get tired of looking at! So, I bought two packages of three bottles each and called it a day. But, I thought I could use more bottles so I only have to wash them once a day. But when I went to the store they were out of the Munchkin ones so I bought the Evenflo ones. They are glass as well and she only uses the cheap Wal-Mart brand nipples so I figured what could the big difference be? Well, I wish this baby could talk. She gags when I use the Evenflo bottles. The milk doesn't come any faster. I use the same kind of nipples in each and every single bottle. She apparently doesn't like the straight design and the white lids. So, after a good month of trying, I packed the Evenflo bottle away for when she is a bit older and hopefully a bit less picky. Back to washing bottle twice a day. Bummer. Also, she still will only use the vanilla scented Soothie pacifiers. She fusses if her shirt has a collar. She refuses the bouncy seat but has taken to the swing quite nicely, thank God! Oh yeah, we got a new swing! But, that's a whole separate story that deserves it's own post. Anyhow, Burger is in school this week and I will be busy washing bottles the whole time. So, if anyone feels bad for me, it's Munchkin glass bottles and they are sold in Wal-Mart and Target and K-Mart stores across the nation, as well as online. Thanks!

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