Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Uh Huh

Those pictures I posted yesterday are my and Burger's bedroom. After we cleaned. I just wanted to clarify because after I was looking at the pictures again I was thinking that maybe some people wouldn't know those pictures were to show all the hard work we did cleaning and rearranging and folding and stacking. So, that's our room. Clean. If you come back in a week or so it will not look nearly as nice.

Whatever happened to that show Raising Sextuplets on WeTV? I liked it! It was mildly entertaining with lots of babies to look at while laughing at the parents. The last episode I watched, they had moved from Arizona to Florida. Away from all their families. I really wanted to see how that worked out.

Jacob decided that he wants to take his own lunch to school tomorrow. He's been asking me since the second day of school if he could take his own lunch because one of his friends at school bring his lunch every day. So we packed his lunch in his Toy Story lunch box and he's kind of excited about it!

On Thursday Jacob's teachers from school will come visit us at our home. They visit each kid at home once a month. That sounds like a lot of work for them! There are 10 boys and 9 girls in Jacob's class. They count children every day at calendar time and every day a different student has the job of counting children. Jacob is patiently waiting for it to be his turn to count children.

This weekend is Cattle Congress and I think we are planning to take the kids on Saturday. Jacob likes to ride the rides and play the games. Emrick doesn't mind sitting in her stroller and just watching. Sunday is our nephew's birthday party. We ordered his gift online and are hoping it's delivered on time!

Since I don't work at the YMCA anymore, Emrick and I have been busy running errands and wasting time until Jacob gets out of school. I have been trying to really clean the house but can't seen to get much done. It's getting kind of frustrating for me! I want to start taking Emrick to story hour at the library but I'm not sure about the times yet. That's another thing on my 'to do' list.

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