Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trash Day, Again...

Today I vow not to forget. Again, I will keep you updated. Coming next is a list of things we spent time doing last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Enjoy!

-Eating on a boat
-Running around town like chickens with no heads
-Being grumpy and very very late
-My brother's wedding
-Sweating our asses off
-Watching Emrick be cute in a fancy dress
-Sleeping in a hotel
-Swimming in a hotel
-Eating breakfast at Perkins
-Beach in Clear Lake
-Visiting Burger's dad
-Watching Burger's dad put new back tires on my Vibe
-Thanks you Dave!
-Hay ride!!
-Really, thanks Dave!
-Eating birthday cake for Sue's birthday
-Borrowing too many VHS movies from Dave and Sue
-Visiting Megan
-Eating too much pizza and more cake
-Burger and my dad working on Burger's car
-Burger helping the neighbor, Steve, with neighbor stuff

We had a really busy weekend. Most of it was fun, but we were very very busy. And now that I finally have time to breath, Burger is working crazy crazy hours in the middle of the night. For sure this week he will have Friday off but we're not sure what the hours will be next week. They could be completely different! Maybe back on first, but doubtful.

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