Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Tuesday!

And I feel obligated to share with you that I took the trash can to the curb. The very (very) full and heavy trash can. And I fixed the car seat problem. You know, the problem where the seventeen month old baby girl learns to unbuckle the seat by herself. And I can't see if she's remained buckled or not while I'm driving because she is rear facing (5x safer!!) and she thinks it's funny to be naughty. So while I'm driving, I'm imagining her unbuckling and rebuckling her buckles over and over the entire drive to where ever it is we're going. Yeah, that's the car seat problem that I fixed. And now my mom doesn't have a seat in her car for that baby girl.

We played at the park today and sweated our butts off. Then enjoyed visiting my mom. Then came home and bathed the kids and put them to bed. And I had a shower in my upstairs bathroom, instead of the basement! Because Burger put a shower in the bathroom upstairs so I wouldn't have to shower in the scary basement shower any more! Jacob loves the new shower and wants to wash his hair every.single.day. From now until forever. Because that's how amazing upstairs bathroom new showers are. Trust me.

Speaking of Jacob's hair... Yesterday he came to me and asked me to put a handsome in his hair, while handing me one of Emrick's tiny baby hair rubber bands. So I put it in his hair while he explained that they are called 'pretties' when girls wear them but when boys wear them they are 'handsomes.' He has some amazing ideas. He will turn four years old next week and every single damn thing about him amazes me to no end. Today he wanted a handsome in his hair and the other little boys at the park thought it was funny/interesting and he didn't bat an eye. He wears handsomes because he likes them. End of story. I love that!

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