Monday, July 12, 2010

Long Weekends!

The kids waiting for cake at Owen's 3rd birthday party!

Emrick 'driving' the tractor before the parade in Plainfield.

Jacob and his cousin Kiyrah driving the tractor together before the parade.

Emrick on the hayride/float.
Burger's new hours are Mon-Thurs 3:30pm-2am. Really something to get used to. Really. But he has Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off so we get to spend some extra time on the weekend. Which is really nice, but still something to get used to. We have no idea how long these will be his hours.
Friday we just hung out and relaxed all day. Got a lot of our errands done and ate pizza for dinner! Saturday we were really busy. The parade in Plainfield that Burger made us late to. Seriously, his whole family was waiting for us when we finally got there! Then we had Owen's birthday party at the park. On Sunday we were bored and had to think of something to do. So I called my parents and we all went to Backbone State Park. Played at the playground and in the river and hiked some trails with the kids. It ended up being a great day for it! It didn't rain a whole lot but was cloudy and cooler. It was amazing fun. But, I forgot to take my camera. Seriously, I'm not kidding... So we will have to go back again soon (darn!) and try to get the kids to cooperate for some pictures!
Every time I drive my Vibe a love it a little more. I am really happy to have been able to trade the van in! We have take the car to Clear Lake and home twice and to Plainfield and Backbone and home and it has worked wonderfully for these little trips. And the gas mileage is amazing compared to the van! I really love my car and I wish they still made Pontiac. When I'm ready to update I might have to spend the extra $$$ and buy an actual Toyota. :(

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