Saturday, July 24, 2010


This is what I did yesterday! I have more pictures but these ones are my favorite and I wanted to share them! We went fora walk around the lake and I decided to get a few good shots since the scenery was beautiful.
Today the plan is... nothing! Just like we did yesterday. Weekends are super relaxing around here since Burger works a different shift. We really like to take advantage of the weekends and be super lazy and relax. We did get grocery shopping done yesterday. And today I am kind of planning on having Burger hook up a shower in the tub. So we can shower upstairs instead of the gross basement. But I have my doubts that it will actually get done today. The curtains I bought for the kitchen are still in the package on the table. Where they've been for a good week and a half now!
The kids are doing great. Jacob is really excited about his birthday and Emrick is just really excited. Right this second they are eating Cheetos dipped in Trix yogurt. Gross, right?

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Anonymous said...

Great Pictures of the kids! Love Minnesota Joyce