Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I had a cute picture of my kids at the beach to post, but blogger doesn't seem to be working properly. I tried to post yesterday but it wouldn't let me! So, today you get no pictures. Sorry. But, I can tell you about when we went to the beach on Sunday. We were only there about an hour but it was a really great time. Jacob had a blast and I kept having to tell him not to stick his head under the river water. Gross! And Emrick wanted to stick her face in the water, too. Jacob ran up and down the beach but didn't wear himself out. I don't think that kid can get worn out!

We also went to the My Waterloo Days carnival over the weekend. Jacob won a penguin from the fishing game and Emrick won a ball that Jacob broke later that day. I have been trying to keep the kids busy with playing outside and going to the park. Tomorrow Jacob starts his preschool dance class at the YMCA!

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